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Privacy Regulation

aims to give you control over your personal information. DUVAIR aps wants to announce that we keep your personal data safe and in line with the new legislation. DUVAIR aps stores personal data in order to fulfill contractual obligations and be able to perform the service expected in connection with trading with DUVAIR aps. Examples of personal data stored and processed by DUVAIR aps are: Name, address, telephone number, e-MaiI.In this privacy policy you can read about how DUVAIR aps processes personal data. Personal data covers any kind of information about an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal data includes information such as customer contact information and purchase history.

Personal Data Responsible at DUVAIR aps: Director John Gibler

What personal data does DUVAIR aps record?

DUVAIR aps records data about you which is a necessary part of a contractual relationship with you, including when purchasing goods and services from us. From customers and business partners we request regular contact information. If you do not want DUVAIR aps to register your personal data, it can prevent the purchase of goods or services from us.

How is personal data stored with DUVAIR aps?

The registered personal data is stored on an encrypted hard disk on a personal PC physically located at DUVAIR aps. No personal data is stored cloud-based.

What is the personal information used for?

DUVAIR aps uses your data to complete our agreement with you. DUVAIR aps only records information about you in order to fulfill our obligations to you as a contracting party.

Who passes DUVAIR aps personal information to?

The personal information you provide to DUVAIR aps as part of a contract we use to complete the agreement with you and do not disclose your information unless it is part of the agreement with you.DUVAIR aps is required to protect your data and take precautionary measures against information being accidentally or illegally destroyed, forfeited or impaired, and against unauthorized knowledge, misuse or otherwise being treated in violation of law.This also means that your data is corrected if we detect errors in your data and that your data is deleted when we are no longer obliged to store the data and otherwise when they are no longer relevant, typically five years after the ceased customer relationship or last contact when purchasing goods or services.

Your rights:

You always have the opportunity to know what information we have registered about you and get a copy of your data. In addition, according to the Personal Data Act, you may require incorrect information directed, objected to, or limited in your information, if we are not required to process it.If you have any questions about DUVAIR aps treatment of your data, please contact us. email or mail. The contact information can be found on our website.If you wish to appeal to DUVAIR aps to complain about the company's processing of your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate.

Liza & John Gibler

DUVAIR warm air duvets came into the world because the anesthesia department at Bornholm Hospital lacked an alternative: the single use products were expensive and a poor solution for the environment. – and Liza Gibler was not impressed by the products currently on the market. With the support of her good colleagues at Bornholms Hospital and after an invitation from old colleagues at Copenhagen university Hospital Rigshospitalet occurred the idea of, and the courage to create DUVAIR warm air duvets.

Liza Gibler is a trained surgical nurse, intensive care nurse and nurse anesthetist which is her current occupation and provided the inspiration for creating the duvets.

John Gibler is educated as an electronic technician and has many years of experience in sale and service of medical equipment.