DUVAIR warm air duvets provide patients with optimal conditions and increased comfort.
The duvets ensure a constant body temperature during surgery.

DUVAIR Warm air duvets

DUVAIR warm air duvets provide patients with optimal conditions and increased comfort. The duvets ensure a constant body temperature during surgery - and they allow for a faster recovery. DUVAIR warm air duvets are washable and can be reused at least 150 times and they offer a much improved overall financial value compared to single use blanket. Plus, it is an environmentally sound concept, as DUVAIR warm air duvets long life-cycle reduces the amount of waste, conserves resources and minimizes CO2 emissions. Additionally, the materials of worn-out duvets can be recycled.



Covers chest, arms and shoulders during
surgical procedures on the lower part of
the body.

Size approx. 70 x 210 cm.
Weight approx. 300 g.
Order no. 92056

Long upperbody

Covers chest, stomach, arms and shoulders
during surgical procedures on the
lower part of the body.

Size approx. 120 x 210 cm.
Weight approx. 400 g.
Order no. 92066

lower body

3/4 body

Covers lower part of the body for surgery
in chest, shoulders, arms, neck or head.

Size approx. 110 x 150 cm.
Weight approx. 350 g.
Order no. 92057



Covers whole body for surgery in neck
and head or for recovery and intensive care.

Size approx. 110 x 200 cm.
Weight approx. 500 g.
Order no. 92157

Insulated fullbody

Covers whole body. Specially
for rewarming of very cold patients and
for transportation.
Insulated with 3M Thinsulate™.

Size approx. 120 x 220 cm.
Weight approx. 1.100 g.
Order no. 92557


Covers head, back, shoulder and arms
for patients in simple sidelying. Can also
be used for back operations.

Size approx. 120 x 150 cm.
Weight approx. 300 g.
Order no. 92556


Special duvet for use with robot assisted
surgery. Covers whole body except
abdominal region on patient lying on
the back.


Size approx. 120 x 235 cm.
Weight approx. 550 g.
Order no.92356


Small duvet for surgery on babies and
small children

Size approx. 90 x 110 cm.
Weight approx. 200 g.
Order no. 92257


Surrounds the body and the legs from
the side with patient lying on the back
or on the stomach.


Size approx. 30 x 400 cm.
Weight approx. 300 g.
Order no. 92167


The light blue side, which is always used towards the patient, is made from Polyester micro fibre: MicroPES. The dark blue side, which is always facing away from the patient, is made from Polyurethane coated microPES. These materials are woven from fibres which have the Oeko-tex approval class 1 (products for babies).

For more information about the Oeko-tex standards, we refer to www.oeko-tex.com where all values of the examined harmful substances are listed. But in summary: extremely low values of all known harmful substances are achieved, also for allergenic, carcinogenic etc.

The dark blue side of the baby duvet (REF 92257) is made from uncoated microPES, because this duvet, as the only one, is used by placing the patient on top of the duvet during surgery, and the dark blue side is then facing down towards the operation table. Because the material is uncoated, blood and other fluids can be transported through the duvet down to the operation table drapes.

A measurement of airborne particles has been made at a distance of 10 cm from an inflated duvet in a clean room. This measurement confirms that the duvets do not produce any airborne particles. This applies also to duvets, which have been washed many times. The full measurement report can be provided at request.

Danish Technological Institute has made a series of measurements concluding that DUVAIR duvets do not compromise any safety-functions in the most common warm air blowers on the market. Please ask for a copy of the report.


The light blue side of the duvet shall always be used towards the patient. The Duvet is used for optimization of the patient’s body temperature when it is connected to a warm air blower with the following characteristics: Maximum air flow: 100 m3 / hour and maximum air temperature: 46° C. The Duvet must be washed according to the washing instructions before initial use and after each use.


Monitor the patient’s body temperature at regular intervals.Do not use warm air therapy on ischemic limbs, as heat injuries may occur. Special attention must be given to patients with poor circulation. Always connect the hose to the duvet, so the warm air passes horizontal over, and not directly towards, the skin. Never obstruct the patient’s free respiration with the duvet.

In 2 years from the date of purchase, we offer the right to complaint against errors in the manufacture or in the materials used. Protection of proprietary design is in effect where applicable.

The duvets are CE marked as medical devices class 1.

GMDN code: 36931

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MATERIALS: Polyester micro fibre: MicroPES and Polyurethane coated MicroPES.

MicroPES fibres have Oekotex marking class 1.

The duvets can be washed at least 150 times without degrading the technical qualities, provided the washing instructions are followed. We do not guarantee against small changes in colour and other cosmetical changes during the lifetime of a duvet.

All of the DUVAIR duvets should be washed in a washing machine at 95° C and can be dried in a tumbler drier at temperatures up to 80°C. Please observe that the duvets should be washed separately, although together with other duvets, for the first 2 washes due to surplus dye in the microPES material. Experience shows that the duvets become completely clean by this washing procedure, but a problem with turmeric-dyed spirit, (often by mistake referred to as Iodine spirit) may arise, because this powerful yellow dye can be very difficult to wash out. Attention should be paid by the personnel involved to avoid spilling of dyed spirit.

The duvets can be autoclaved at max. 134° C / 2 bar, but no sterility testing has been performed after autoclaving. We issue no guarantee that the duvets are sterile after autoclaving, but we confirm that the duvets will withstand the temperature and pressure mentioned.

The duvets can be ironed at low temperature as recommended for synthetic material.

The duvets must not be dry-cleaned and do not tolerate chlorine bleaching.

The DUVAIR duvets are CE marked as medical equipment class 1