Liza Gibler
Nurse anesthetist and founder of DUVAIR.


It is important to avoid unintended hypothermia because it may cause the following complications:

  • Increased blood loss and hence increased risk of cardiovascular complications
  • Chills (shivering) which leads to greatly increased oxygen consumption and strain on the heart
  • Increased wound healing duration and increased risk of infection
  • Extended awakening Time

It is widely recognized that the use of forced air warming is the most effective method for preventing unintended hypothermia. DUVAIR warm air duvets provide patients with optimal conditions and increased comfort. The duvets ensure a constant body temperature during surgery - and they allow for a faster recovery. DUVAIR warm air duvets are washable and can be reused at least 150 times and they offer a much improved overall financial value compared to single use blanket. Plus, it is an environmentally sound concept, as DUVAIR warm air duvets long life-cycle reduces the amount of waste, conserves resources and minimizes CO2 emissions. Additionally, the materials of worn-out duvets can be recycled.


There are substantial cost saving achieved by using DUVAIR warm air duvets. When all the costs of purchasing, washing and handling is included, it is more cost effective to use DUVAIR in comparison to single use products. Please contact DUVAIR for a precise calculation of the economy in the current case.


Since function, comfort and economy create a competitive advantage for DUVAIR, it can be concluded that:

The functional advantages of DUVAIR reusable duvets results in enhanced warm air therapy and saving valuable time, which translates into more effective anesthesia and rapid awakening.

  • DUVAIR reusable duvets great comfort means increased patient satisfaction. 
  • The economic advantages make it possible to offer more patients warm air therapy.
  • For environmental reasons, reusable products should be used rather than single use

Single use blankets made from paper and plastic:


  • Have relatively large holes, which introduce a substantial draught when the air flows through the holes at high velocity.
  • Are non-sterile. The only acceptable reason to use single-use articles is to ensure sterility.
  • Are only available in a few standardised shapes and sizes. Very often there is not a suitable blanket for the patient’s bed location, and valuable time is wasted by trying to fit an unfit blanket to the patient.
  • Has to be tied and taped to stay in place. Tape is also necessary to exclude the draught from the surgery field. It is difficult and time-consuming to apply this tape.


  • Are not comfortable and patient friendly, because the stiff materials makes it difficult to shape the blanket around the patient and adapt it to the particular bed position.


DUVAIR reusable warm air duvets made from textiles:


  • Disperses the warm air around the patient by applying a low impulse blowing; a concept well known from the ventilating technique to obtain a complete non-draught blowing. Based on the numerous microscopic holes in the textile, the feeling of draught has been eliminated.
  • Will not release fluffs or other particles in the operating theatre.
  • Special designed duvets can be supplied according to customer need.
  • The warm air duvets are available in many shapes to accommodate different bed locations as being used at various types of operations. This means the duvets can easily be adjusted to suit the actual bed location.


  • Are comfortable and patient friendly as the soft material makes it easy to form the duvet around the patient. The patient will experience a high degree of well being when surrounded by the soft textile materials.



DUVAIR warm air duvets makes it easier to maintain patients’ body temperature, even in large and long-term operations. They make our work easier and increases patient comfort. We have a number of patients to be operated several times and they clearly expresses that the warm air duvets make a difference ”



“The OR staff tried the Duvair Warm air duvets on board in all the different surgical rooms last week.They LOVE the Duvair Warm air duvets. We would really like to switch to using these instead of purchasing plastic disposable blankets for each surgery”




In a DUVAIR duvet the warm air is distributed evenly over the

entire area. Compared to single use blankets DUVAIR feels much

warmer and therefore it is a more efficient solution.

Patients prefer DUVAIR